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Construction Defect Claims for Retirement Facilities

Construction Defect Claims for Retirement Facilities

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About this Guide:

Prominent trial lawyer, author, and managing partner of one of Texas’ leading commercial contingency law firms, Marc Gravely specializes in taking on some of the nation’s most complex, high-stakes construction defect cases on behalf of retirement communities and long-term care facilities harmed by careless construction and flawed systems.

A staunch advocate with decades of legal expertise and litigation experience in resolving some of Texas’ most costly, legally challenging construction disputes, Marc’s diligence, legal insight, and access to America’s top construction experts continue to secure the financial compensation injured parties deserve. If you are facing expensive setbacks due to defective materials, poor workmanship, or flawed design, you have the right to collect financial compensation. In order to collect this compensation, it is important to recognize your rights as a private property owner or public entity, familiarize yourself with the relevant design and construction agreements, and understand your options under the law.

A quick and easy reference for:

  • Legal rights of Texas property owners and public entities
  • Basics of Texas construction law
  • Steps to pursue a construction dispute claim
  • How to maximize your recovery for costs of repair and other damages